Simply Swimwear & Lingerie


About Us

We operate by appointment only.

We feel that swimsuit and lingerie shopping does not require a large audience. Our appointment model allows for a much more intimate experience and gives our team the chance to work one-on-one with you to share our knowledge of the lines we carry and ensure a great fit. We can do group appointments with friends, mother/daughters, sisters etc. Just ask!

We are a body positive space.

We love helping women find swimwear and lingerie that make them feel great. We truly believe a great fit is for every woman and offer a wide range of styles in both regular and plus sizes as well as an assortment of specialty options including larger cup sizes and mastectomy. Our goal is to take a task that many women don’t look forward to and turn it into an enjoyable experience where you leave with something you are excited to wear. We hope each appointment ends with you feeling confident and good about yourself.

We are focused on personalized service.

If you hate the idea of shopping for a bathing suit or a bra that involves traipsing back and forth to a dressing room to switch out sizes or look for different styles, we can help. Tell us what you’re looking for when you arrive, and we will pull inventory in your size and you decide what you’d like to try on. We’ll take care of all the running if you want more options or need a different size. No need to re-dress until you’re ready to leave!

We sell good quality swimwear and lingerie.

If you are looking for lots of options, good support, and a nice fit we have an excellent assortment. We only bring in brands we are confident in terms of fit and quality. Our price range varies but we are always happy to try and find something in your budget so feel free to let us know how we can help you.

We are not looking to sell you things you don’t want.

If you want honest opinions on what fits well and looks best, we are here to help you. The goal of this shopping experience is for you to leave with things you feel confident in, not load you up with items you won’t wear. We always say, “If you don’t love it in the change room it’s best to leave it behind” and we mean it.

We know everyone loves to browse.

While in person fitting will always be our priority, we totally understand the urge to check out what’s new at your leisure. We offer a fabulous online space for you to view new arrivals and brand favourites as well as place orders for the pieces you know and love, all from the comfort of your own home.